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Refund Policy And Cancellation Policy

We have implemented a comprehensive cancellation and refund policy to ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction for our clients.


Our approach to project management involves breaking down each project into distinct stages. This strategy enables us to conduct a thorough investigation and outline of the work plan, minimizing the risk of disagreements or reversals and ensuring that all parties have a complete understanding of the required tasks.


Given the time commitment required to reach each milestone and complete each section of the project, we are unable to provide refunds for work that has already been completed.


In the event of a mutual agreement to end a project, the client will gain ownership of all completed work, and any payments made towards future development will be rendered null and void. Advance payments made for the project can be adjusted to reflect the amount of work completed before the mutual exit.


Once the client approves mock-ups and we begin the design phase, refunds for payments are not feasible. Furthermore, no partial refunds are granted for projects midway through a crucial phase.


Special promotions offered by our company’s marketing department are non-cancellable and have a limited timeframe.


Our SEO and digital marketing services are non-refundable; however, clients can cancel their subscriptions by providing written notice at least 30 days prior to the end date.


We are unable to offer refunds for deposits or payments made for projects that have been abandoned or remain dormant for more than 30 calendar days.