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Why Domain Authority Matters in Link Building?

Domain Authority | Sapttech Labs

Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies that experts and website owners use to improve their site’s ranking in SERP. The strategy involves getting websites to link to your own site.


However, it is important to note that, link-building will contribute to better SERP ranking when the created links are of high quality. Due to this reason, it is recommended to consider multiple factors, when attaining links from external.


One of the most important factors is domain authority. Wondering why? Then continue reading, as this article will explain multiple reasons to show its importance in link building. But before directly heading towards the reasons, let’s first understand what exactly domain authority is.


What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority also referred to as DA is basically a search engine ranking score from 0-100 that is developed by Moz. This score greatly helps in determining how likely a website is to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

In simple words, the higher the DA score a website will have, the stronger the chances that it can quickly achieve a higher rank in Google rankings.

Please note that Domain Authority is not an official ranking factor by Google. However, it is still widely recognized and used by SEO gurus all around the world.

How to Calculate It?

When it comes to calculating the DA score of a website, you must need to opt for a DA PA checker. It is an online tool that quickly and accurately measures the DA score of the given website by considering multiple factors such as:


  • Total number of linking root domains.
  • The total number of backlinks.
  • Spam score (another SEO metric developed by MOZ).

An image is also attached below in which you can see how the tool will provide the DA score of the entered site.



Now, we believe you will have a thorough of what exactly a domain authority is, and how you can calculate it. It is time to head towards the reasons why domain authority is considered crucial when creating links.


3 Major Reasons Why Domain Authority Matters for Link Building

Below, we have explained some of the major reasons why DA scores matter when it comes to creating backlinks.


1. It Aids in Gauging Site Ranking Potential


There is no doubt that search engines like Google use backlinks to reward rankings to websites. That’s why, it encourages us to create or attain links from sites with ranking potential. So, a backlink from them can also boost your site rankings.

And guess what…? Domain authority can efficiently assist you in gauging website ranking potential. The formula is simple – if the site has a higher score i.e., more than 50 or 60, then this is a clear indication that it has a great potential to rank in the SERP, and getting a link from it will be quite worthy.


2. It Improves the Chances of Link Indexing


In order to get the most out of your backlinks, it is considered crucial each backlink is indexed in Google. The indexing means that Google knows and recognizes those links are pointing to your website, resulting in better rankings.

So, when you build backlinks on a website that has high domain authority, they will be most likely to quickly get indexed in the SERP. This is because websites with good DA scores are usually crawled or indexed by Google regularly. This means, your added links will also be indexed.


3. It is Highly Useful for Benchmarking Purposes


As we have already mentioned, domain authority is not an official ranking factor, but it is also still used for monitoring the performance of websites (either your own or competitor) in the SERP before and after link building. Let us explain how.

Let’s say, your website DA score was 45 before starting link building. And after attaining several links from different sites, it has reached 52. This rise in domain authority will help you ensure that you are on the right of success (higher rankings).

The same you need to do when benchmarking competitors. You can determine the DA scores of both your and the competitor’s websites and decide who has the upper hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good domain authority score?


DA scores between 40 to 50 are usually considered “Average” Whereas, scores between 50-60 are rated as “Good.”


2. Is there any way to improve the DA score?


Yes, there are numerous ways through which domain authority can be increased, some of the ways are as follows:


  • Create high-quality content.
  • Focus on continuously building quality backlinks.
  • Optimize your website structure according to search engine guidelines.

Wrapping Up

Link building can greatly give a boost to a website or webpage rankings in the SERP. However, when creating links from other sites, multiple things should be taken into consideration such as domain authority. It provides an idea about the ranking potential of a website in Google. In this blog post, we have explained different reasons why domain authority matters, when it comes to building backlinks.